Join Terri Murphy in presenting this podcast episode featuring trial and jury experts Eric Oliver, a national trial consultant, and Amy Pardieck, a jury researcher and NLP trainer. They explore the complexities of communication in the legal system, particularly the increasingly fleeting, fragile and fragmented nature of jurors’ impaired attention. The discussion covers techniques for effectively engaging jurors, the importance of visual aids, whole body communication, and the evolution of presentation strategies to adapt to changing juror decision-making processes. Learn how to better connect with your audience in the courtroom and beyond.

00:00 Introduction to the Podcast and Guests

01:02 The Challenge of Impaired Attention

03:09 Juror Decision Making and Attention

04:23 The Goldfish Attention Span Myth

05:34 The Siren Analogy in Courtrooms

06:55 The Impact of Distractions on Jurors

09:50 Strategies for Effective Communication

18:05 Whole Body Communication

19:14 Deploying Effective Demonstratives

21:47 Conclusion and Contact Information

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