The Universal Influence of Persuasive Communication

February 19th, 2024

How to Manage Unspoken Assumptions & Impaired Attention in Your Jury

February 13th, 2024

May I have your attention, please?” Today’s jurors’ true answer—no matter what they say (or intend to do) —is “No.”

In today’s courtrooms, trial lawyers can count on only fleeting, fragile, and fragmented attention from their jurors. Moreover, not only will each juror (and judge) build their own version of the client’s case story, but a slight majority now use a limited number of entrenched assumptions that allow them to construct only certain sorts of case stories.

In this exclusive webinar, national trial consultant Eric Oliver shares newly compiled research to help you recognize and respond to entrenched assumptions and to rally your jurors’ attention. His presentation will not only train trial lawyers to deal with attention that can’t be “captured” for long anymore, but it will also expose and explore some of the deeper assumptions that drive decision-making today.

Beyond the Facts: Trial Consultant Eric Oliver on How to Tell Your Client’s Story

December 15th, 2023

Use this video to learn how every legal decision, in or out of a courtroom, is produced by other-than-conscious means. Discover Clotaire Rapaille’s work on the reptilian brain, and learn how it, and our emotional and rational centers, combine to drive legal judgments. In the process, discover how perceptions, not just ideas, need to be managed to really influence all decisions most effectively.

Mirroring & Rapport is enhanced with the most advanced graphic support of any trial advocacy program ever created. It will teach you how to achieve rapport quickly with any legal decision maker, and it will also show you when and how to use mirroring most effectively to get the best outcome possible.

Facts STILL Can’t Speak For Themselves

Reveal the stories that give facts their meaning