Working with attorneys to develop & deliver persuasive stories… because facts can’t speak for themselves.

How to invite the facts to find their best story

While most legal professionals are aware of the story model for decisions, most have still not yet adapted their case development and delivery strategies to build and take advantage of the narratives that shape- and are shaped- by every human communication.

The challenge is that every decision-maker builds a private version of your story and decides based on their version of your client’s case story. What makes our job interesting is that every legal decision maker does this almost completely outside their conscious reach.

What’s so important about this?

We help guide attorneys develop an effective presentation plan; a systemic approach that acknowledges and uses decision makers own stories to build the case in question.

To give your clients the best possible representation, it is essential to take the time to learn what each case’s best story actually is, how that story would best be elicited in depositions, and presented in negotiation, mediation or trial.

At MetaSystems Consulting we respect the importance of:

Human Communication and Human Decision Making

Our goal is to work with you to develop and deliver the most effective case story for your clients.

What we focus on in our research groups

We pull the greatest value from the earliest, intensive debriefs – not when it’s out of reach during deliberations.
Our results are equally applicable to discovery and deposition as they are for settlement talks, motion practice, and at trial.

What we focus on in our research groups

The manner in which any story is told influences the listener every bit as much as the words that are spoken – usually much more.
We guide your case story delivery to produce benefits long before a trial date – often equal to or even more valuable than those likely produced in court.


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