Eric Oliver

Trial Consultant & CEO

Eric Oliver is a national trial consultant with 40 years’ experience working with and training trial attorneys. His expertise has been pivotal in thousands of cases, contributing to groundbreaking first-of-their-kind outcomes and benefiting clients across both top law firms and dynamic solo practices.

Eric’s proficiency extends to various forms of persuasive communication, including verbal, non-verbal, implicit, and visual aspects of any message. He specializes in developing a comprehensive case presentation plan that integrates thematic narratives, metaphors, and visual elements with the verbal and nonverbal performance of trial attorneys.
Eric is known, in part, for his innovative approach to Voir Dire, aligning attorneys with potential jurors rather than challenging their character and fairness—a unique method that “no one else has ever thought of” declares David Ball, nationally renowned consultant. His expertise also encompasses an equally unique approach in focus groups, case analysis and the design and delivery of demonstrative visuals.

Eric Oliver is based in Chicago, IL, frequently traveling nationwide to speak, train persuasive communication skills, consult with attorney clients, conduct focus groups and assist at trials.